Sunday School

In these days of “retro” and “vintage” and people looking back fondly at days gone by I wonder how many look back to happy and fun times as children at Church. Many of us will have wonderful memories of meeting up with friends, singing action songs, playing games, having fun, whilst learning about God’s love for us and how we can show his love in the world by caring for others. We learnt important life values such as Truth, Honesty, and Respect for one another. How times seem to have changed and how few children get to benefit from being a part of the wider caring Church family. The good news is that Harden Congregation Church have now re-established their Sunday School and we now meet EVERY week, All year through and would be happy to meet you and your children to bring back a bit of what was good and has been lost in society. Why not join us for good old fashioned caring, fun and learning. We meet at 10.30 on Sunday mornings.