Harden Hub

Harden Congregational Church has now become your Neighbourhood Support Centre. We are working hard to get the message out to the residents of Harden that we are Here To Help. We have called ourselves Harden Hub and are the main contact point in our village for organising assistance and support. We are working with Bradford Council Neighbourhood Support Services. 

We can help you with getting shopping, prescriptions, newspapers and other supplies. 

We have been inundated with offers of help from a fantastic team of volunteers now totalling around 30. This is far more than the number of requests for help that we are getting which is a very good position to be in. We would like to thank all those who have volunteered and if we haven’t asked you to do anything yet, don’t worry – you are on the list and we will call you if we need you. 

We have been touched by the responses of the people who we are helping. I have received many phone calls of gratitude and have passed these thanks on to the volunteers. 

You may see some of our volunteers around the village in their high vis vests. Remember we are “Here To Help”

Helen Keighley, Minister