August Issue

Tittle Tattle 


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August Issue

Looking forward to the Autumn and New Beginnings

I am absolutely hopeless at painting. Art has never been my thing. I think the last time I picked up a paint brush to be creative I was in my early teens. I can’t draw for toffee. I am a ‘Stick Man Lowry’ without the talent.

So what did I decide to do last week? I joined an art class. I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed the first class, sitting socially distanced from my fellow artists, duly sanitised, drinking coffee from my Covid-free flask and enjoying a chat in the sunshine, over a packed lunch. 

My first completed creation was unlikely to win any prizes but I didn’t have to undergo a teacher assessment and I’d learned quite a lot about colour mixing and simple techniques. I recognised that I will never be a Michaelangelo [the ceiling of the church is safe!] but I had enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to the class next week.

Sometimes, if we keep doing things the same way we always have, we can find ourselves in a bit of a rut whether it be in our personal, work or social life or in our spiritual, church life. Perhaps it’s better to step out of our comfort zone?  Who knows, we might find increased confidence in a new idea or skill. It may not turn out quite how we imagined but it’s the trying that counts. I don’t think we are here to go through the motions, we are here for a purpose.

Why not try out some new things and move on to new beginnings, into the autumn.

‘Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.’

[Chinese proverb]

‘An intelligent mind acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge’

[Proverbs 18:15]

Saying goodbye to the summer


Summer Dawn

Pray but one prayer for me ‘twixt thy closed lips,

Think but one thought of me up in the stars.

The summer night waneth, the morning light slips,

Faint and grey ‘twixt the leaves of the aspen, betwixt the cloud-bars,

That are patiently waiting there for the dawn:

Patient and colourless, though Heaven’s gold

Waits to float through them along with the sun.

Far out in the meadows, above the young corn,

The heavy elms wait, and restless and cold

The uneasy wind rises; the roses are dun;

Through the long twilight they pray for the dawn.

Round the lone house in the midst of the corn. 

Speak but one word to me over the corn,

Over the tender, bow’d locks of the corn.

[William Morris] 

Open for Services!

Harden Congregational Church

What a very odd six months it has been! 

The church building has been empty on Sunday mornings and it has felt very strange not to be able to share the challenges we all faced, together, in one place, as we would usually do. 

Things have been going on behind the scenes with telephone and virtual contact, sharing services via email, Deacons meetings in the garden, the Tittle Tattle Newsletter on line and continuing prayer. The Church building has only been open to run ‘the Hub’ and for the Friday morning ‘Prayer and Reflection Hour.’

Breaking news!!

We are now in a position to take a few more steps forward.

The church will re-open for Sunday worship from Sunday, 6th September at 10.30am. We welcome all to our services.

We have been required to carry out a full risk assessment to ensure the wellbeing of all, a copy of which will be seen on our website and displayed on the church premises.

Sadly, in the short term, we cannot return to worship exactly as it was before the Lockdown, to ensure we all keep safe.

  • We will be asking you to book a place at worship in advance so we know how many people are coming and so that we can arrange the seating. People who live together or in a bubble can then sit together. 
  • Masks and sanitiser will be available at the door.
  • Booking forms with further information will be sent out to current members of the congregation but copies will be sent out to anyone else wishing to attend by contacting Helen Keighley.
  • Unfortunately, there will not be the opportunity to socialise and there will be no tea and coffee after the services. 
  • There will be no Sunday School for now but children are welcome to come with their families. Toys and books will not be provided but children could bring one toy or book with them as long as this is not shared with other children.
  • Because we are opening for Sunday Worship there will be no further Private Prayer Sessions on Friday mornings.
  • Emailed services will continue to be sent out to those who do not wish to return to the church building for the time being.

For booking forms and further information 

please contact Helen Keighley, [Minister]


 Tel:  07932 156337 

News from St. Saviour’s

It has been wonderful to open the church doors again in August! In September we will be having more Sunday Services and the church is also open on Wednesdays for Personal Prayer too. Having been unable to use the church since March it was glorious to be back in the building and to see everyone in person again!

While St. Saviour’s church building has been closed the Church has still been very much alive and active. It has been good to help so many people with their various needs from food and medication deliveries to people wanting a chat. It was great to see our village churches and our community working together to help people.

We have set up daily prayers on our Facebook Prayers, so you can watch Morning [8am], Evening [5pm] and Night [9pm] Prayers each day. The Facebook Page is “Harden, Wilsden, Cullingworth, Denholme Benefice.”

We’re also doing a Monthly Facebook Messy Church and streaming some of our Sunday morning services now that we are back in church.

Each Sunday there are also opportunities to join in on Zoom with our Jesus for All Service and our Zoom Cafe Church and Family Services. A weekly quiz is also great fun and keeps the grey matter active!

Our Sunday Service at St’ Saviour’s is at 11.15am and we are asking people to book so that we can ensure enough space for people to gather safely. The church is open for Personal Prayer on Wednesdays from 2.30pm to 3.30pm and there is no need to book for this.

If you would like to join in any of the activities or would like any further information, then please contact Helen Ludkin for more details, for Zoom invitations and booking for services. She is on 07788 848830 or email her on 

Wishing everyone the very best for September and the autumn.


Harden Players

In these uncertain times we have no idea when we will be able to rehearse and perform safely. We are all looking forward to getting back together and rehearsing for a new production. 

Please follow us on Facebook or look for our advertising in the village. 

We hope to be entertaining you soon!

The Show Must Go On – but not this year!!

Harden Beck Horticultural Society

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Harden Beck Horticultural Society has announced the cancellation of its 59th Annual Show which was due to be held on Sunday 13th September 2020.

Andy Macdonald, Chair of the Society, said 

“The decision has been put off as long as possible. Despite some lifting of lockdown restrictions and a constantly changing situation, things have not improved sufficiently to allow the show to safely go ahead. The health and safety of our members, volunteers, exhibitors and visitors is our priority.”

At a time when gardening, home baking, developing skills, making arts and crafts have become increasingly important for people it’s ironic that a show celebrating such cannot go ahead.

At this time HBHS would like to thank our members, sponsors and local community for their continued support.

It is much appreciated.

The committee will continue to work tirelessly in the background to develop the Society and promote new ideas. Hopefully, next year’s show will be a bumper event and a focal point for reconnecting and bringing our community together. 

Andy Macdonald Chair HBHS

Find HBHS on Facebook, Twitter Harden Beck Horticultural Society – Harden Show and  

RDM Estate Planning & Wills

I hope everyone is keeping well through these difficult and uncertain times. It has affected us all in one way or another, but we will get through it.

Making a Will has never been more important and professional knowledge will make the process much easier for you. I can visit you in the comfort of your own home, when lockdown restrictions are eased of course.

As a property is often the main asset to be passed onto a family, how would you feel if this was not the case due to not taking action now? There are various ways to make sure this happens, and yes, the sooner the better as it can be too late to do anything about it.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are essential to help protect your interests through your life. Making sure your Property & Finances, as well as your Health and Welfare are looked after if you’re not in a position to do it yourself.

Golden Charter Pre-Paid funeral plans using local Funeral Directors are another consideration; they are very cost effective and take the pressure off family in times of distress. There are various plans to make sure you are getting what you would want from a funeral.

Please visit my website for more information.

Contact me via e-mail or phone to use this local service.

No obligation or pressure

Richard D. Mettrick AIPW, DipPFS

Wills and Estate Planning Legal Specialist

Tel: 07703 567 464



Bespoke Beauty

I, Holly Richards created Bespoke Beauty in 2016

My vision is to offer an array of beauty treatments alongside a small team of qualified and experienced beauty therapists, in beautiful treatment rooms which offer comfort and privacy.

My passion has been to become a highly trained skin therapist in the most recent and innovative non-surgical treatments that are tailored to each individual client. 

Bespoke Beauty is proud to offer an experience that doesn’t stop at just one visit…

We look forward to welcoming you.

Holly & team 

01535 959463  

General Knowledge Quiz

[Answers below]

  1. What is a natterjack?
  2. What colour is amethyst?
  3. If an average man allowed his beard to grow without cutting it for a whole year, to the nearest inch, how long would it be?
  4. In which two countries is Patagonia?
  5. What instrument is used as a signalling device by reflecting the sun’s rays?
  6. Who wrote ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’?
  7. What is a polypus?
  8. If a man marries his widow’s sister which law has he broken; criminal, civil, church?
  9. In which ocean are the Wake Islands?
  10. From what planet did Superman come?
  11. What is mulligatawny?
  12. Which vitamin is formed naturally in the skin by the action of sunlight/
  13. What is the hardest substance in the human body?
  14. What is the colour of the belt worn by a beginner in judo?
  15. What is the musical note that equals half a crochet?
  16. What is the Italian word for ‘scratched drawing’?
  17. Which of these games was not played in 1881; a] rugby b] lawn tennis c] golf?
  18. After the sun, which is the largest planet in the Solar System?
  19. Which is the world’s longest range of mountains?
  20. What spice, one of the world’s most expensive commodities in the world, is produced from the crocus flower?

 US States Quiz

[answers below]

How many of the states that make up the United States of America do you know?

Name 4 beginning with the letter A

Name 4 beginning with the letter I

Name 8 beginning with the letter M

Name 1 beginning with the letter H

Name 2 beginning with the letter K

Rainbow Children

We’ve been doing lots of activities over the summer

pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic_1.pngpastedGraphic_2.png

friends at the zoo ‘chillin’at the castle surfing in the sand

pastedGraphic_3.png   pastedGraphic_4.png

when you go down in the woods today…………

Walks for Manorlands   26th September 2020

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly,  we have had to cancel the 15th of our annual series of Walks for Manorlands scheduled for its usual last Saturday in September date because of the coronavirus situation.

The previous 14 walks have raised £52,695 all of which was sent to and much appreciated by Manorlands Hospice.

You will probably have read or heard about the financial difficulties that the enforced cancellation of fund raising events has had on hospices generally. If you feel you would like to make a donation to Manorlands I am setting up a Just Giving page. If you choose to send your donation directly to Manorlands could you add it is in connection with the aborted Walk for Manorlands.

Many thanks

Peter Bashforth

The Shepherd’s Hut

Hair salon at Ryecroft 

* quality hairdressing for ladies, gents and children 

* flexible opening hours

* small salon following COVID guidelines

Tel: Sally

07811 195864

Answers to General Knowledge Quiz

  1. A kind of toad
  2. Violet
  3. 6 inches
  4. Argentina and Chile
  5. A heliograph
  6. Mark Twain
  7. A sea creature
  8. None . no one can marry his widow’s sister
  9. Pacific
  10. Krypton
  11. A curry soup
  12. Vitamin D
  13. Tooth enamel
  14. White
  15. A quaver
  16. Graffiti
  17. b] lawn tennis
  18. Jupiter
  19. The Andes
  20. Saffron 

Answers to US States Quiz

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas

Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississipi, Missouri, Montana.


Kansas Kentucky



When I think you are not present in my life, you show yourself in the love of friends and family and nurture me in your never-ending love.


When we think you are not present in our community, you work to make us of one heart and cause us to share gladly and generously.


When people think you are not present in our world, you bring hope out of despair and create growth out of difficulty


You are ever with us.