Issue 11 – Week beginning June 7th

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Issue No. 11 week beginning June 7th


In the midst of a time when so many have suffered real hardship; loss of loved ones, lost employment, isolation, loneliness, sadness and depression, there have been moments of emotions of a different kind. These include the clapping for the NHS and essential workers, the efforts of Captain/Colonel Tom, the posters displayed by our Rainbow children, all over the village and the individual acts of kindness by our neighbours. 

A few moments of joy amongst the anxiety and frustration.

Joy is the best word I can think of to describe my feeling when I met my daughters and grandchildren, in our garden this week, for the first time since the Lockdown.  The weather was glorious and there was laughter in the air as the children enjoyed the delights of the paddling pool. The younger one had been asking me since March if she could come to Grandma’s house to play in my paddling pool. It was quite heartbreaking to tell her that she couldn’t but not having an explanation that would make sense to a two year old. All I wanted to do was to say yes and when finally I was able to do so it felt like the best thing in the world.

I also managed to arrange two walks with dear friends. What would have seemed commonplace, a few months ago, was so special; to see and share with them face to face.

One thing that has come out of this pandemic and the subsequent lockdown is the realisation that the most important things in life are just around us; home, family and friends.

‘Weeping may linger for the night

But joy comes with the morning’

[Psalm 30:5]


Life is ours in vain

Lacking love, which never

Counts the loss or gain

But remember, ever

Love is linked with pain.

Light and sister shade

Shape each mortal morrow

Seek not to evade

Love’s companion, Sorrow,

And be not dismayed.

Grief is not in vain,

It’s for our completeness.

If the fates ordain

Love to bring life’s sweetness

Welcome too its pain.                                                  [Oodgeroo of the Noonuccal]

Churches Re-Opening?

You may have heard in the national news that there is a possibility of churches being allowed to re-open from 15th June for the purposes of private prayer only.  As at today’s date  arrangements still remain uncertain, as such a relaxation in the Lockdown rules will be dependent on the progress of the virus and the risks involved.

When the position becomes a little clearer, our minister, Helen will discuss all future possibilities with the Deacons and keep you informed. 

Harden Hub

The Hub based at the Congregational Church is continuing to distribute fresh produce to households in the village

Any enquiries about this to Helen Keighley Minister, at the Congregational Church. 

or phone Helen on 07932 156337. 

Village Undertakers

Following a major update on a slight easing of restrictions last week by Bradford Council, this week has seen no changes to policy. Another look at Tittle Tattle issue ten will give you the current information as will a visit to our website Thank you to all those who have seen the website and left positive comments – and to those who say they have “Bookmarked” it. As usual we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Ring Robert Waddington on 07599 46 26 49.

Rainbow Children


Keeping fit after doing the school work!

Answers to last weeks Quiz


[a] ultra VIOLET

[b] mood INDIGO

{c] BLUE

[d] GREEN sleeves

[e] YELLOWstone

[f] ORANGES and lemons

[g] RED Rum

At the end you might find GOLD at the end of this rainbow

Fill in the blanks





Romeo and Juliet

The missing words are all from the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Multi Choice General Knowledge Quiz

  1. What did Carl C. Magee invent which is now seen on most busy city streets?

a. parking meter  

b. telephone box  

c .manhole

  1. What was the religious movement founded by Joseph Smith?

a. methodism 

b. mormonism 

c.christian science

  1. What was punk star Johnny Rotten’s real name?
  1. John Lydon 
  2. John Martin
  3. John Smithson
  1. How would you express the number 1,099 in Roman numerals?
  1. MIC
  2. MIXIX
  3. MIM
  1. The British monarch is Elizabeth II. Which Queen of England is she?
  1. Fourth
  2. Fifth
  3. Sixth
  1. In which Dickens classic does Samuel Weller appear?
  1. David Copperfield
  2. The Pickwick Papers
  3. Oliver Twist
  1. What colour egg does a peacock lay?
  1. Blue 
  2. Green
  3. White

       8.   The letter ‘E’ is the most used letter in the English language. Which is the second most used letter?

a. T

b. S

c. A

       9. A couple who had been married for 20 years would be celebrating which wedding anniversary?

a. china

b. crystal

c. coral

10. If you were to plant King of the Ridge, Stockwood Ridge, Conqueror, or Telegraph what kind of vegetable          would you be growing?

a. cucumber

b. marrows

c. courgettes

       11. What comes next in the series 1,2,5,10…?




       12. Who wrote Cautionary Tales and the Bad Child’s Book of Beasts?

a. Hilaire Belloc

b.Lewis Carroll

c. Edward Lear

        13. Who was the Roman Emperor who succeeded Caligula?

a. Nero

b. Claudius

c. Julius Caesar

         14. What colour is cinnabar?

a. brown

b. turquoise

c. red

         15.What does the Latin exclamation ‘ecce’ mean

a. take care

b. behold

c. beware of the dog

         16. Which is the fastest? 

a. 160 feet per second

b. 100 miles an hour

c. 300 yards per minute

          17. who married her own son?

a. Juno

b. Jocasta

c. Juventas

         18. which species of British tree has the longest lifespan?

a. Elder

b. Oak

c. Yew

         19. What is fouette sauté

a. a tasty French dish

b. a painful growth on the foot

c. a step in ballet

         20. Who was born Walker Smith Jnr. In Detroit in 1920 and later found fame as a world boxing champion?

a. Sugar Ray Robinson

b. Sonny Liston

c. Jersey Joe Walcott

         21. Large liners began to use the port of Southampton for what reason?

a. its double tides

b. its central position on the south coast

c. its deep water


22. The electrical measurement, the watt, was not named after Robert Watson Watt. That gentleman invented something completely different. What was it?

a. nylon

b. radar

c. aspirin

         23. What does ‘contumely’ mean?

a. insulting

b. courteous

c. painful

         24. Vinegar is an acid which is an 

a. acetic acid

b.  tannic acid

c. pectic acid

         25. There are many philharmonic orchestras but what does ‘philharmonic’ mean?


b.comprising only specialist performers

c. fond of music

         26. What would you do with a flivver?

a. sleep on it

b. spend it

c. ride in it

         27. Der Rosenkavalier was composed by a Strauss. But which one?

a. Richard Strauss

b. Josef Strauss

c. Johann Strauss

28. A letter addressed to Number 1 London should actually reach its destination. Where would it be delivered ?

a.Buckingham Palace

b. Lambeth Palace

c. Apsley House

         29. A somnambulist does which of the following?

a. walks in his sleep

b. talks in his sleep

c. has difficulty getting to sleep

         30. How many books are there in the Bible?

a. 55

b. 66

c. 77

The Serious Walkers Quiz

  1. Which is Britain’s northern most 4000 foot mountain?
  2. Where did John Merrill end Britain’s first full coastal walk?
  3. Name the highest of Wainwright’s ‘Outlying Fells’?
  4. In what year did Ordnance Survey reach their centenary?
  5. Which Lakeland Peak is named after a local shepherd?
  6. Which is the smallest National Park in the UK?
  7. Where does the Dales Way reach its highest point?
  8. Which bird is found only in Britain?
  9. For what do the initials ESA stand?
  10. Which is Yorkshire’s longest river?
  11. On which coastal path will you meet the Great Hangman?
  12. GM Trevelyan was the early President of which organisation?

[Answers to both quizzes in next week’s issue]


If you would like to contribute any information or articles of general interest please email

Sheila Driver 

Or Kay Johnson 


Lord God

Blessings abound and I don’t always see them

Wake me to every simple thing that reminds me that You provide

Food to eat, family and friends who care, a roof over my head.

I am alive, I love and I am loved back

In times of stress may I always remember that I am blessed.