Issue 14 – Week beginning June 28th

Tittle Tattle Newsletter

Sponsored by Harden Congregational Church

Issue No. 14 week beginning 28th June

A New Challenge

So many organisations and groups are facing huge challenges as we all move forward into a ‘new’ world.

The Christian Church worldwide is one of those, I suggest, that cannot look back but must move forward in faith and love. 

Perhaps in our own small corner we could be forgiven for feeling that the task is a daunting one, for so few.  But then this isn’t the first time that a few people faced such a challenge. I recall eleven rather mediocre men hiding away in an upper room in Jerusalem for fear of their lives. They were the disciples of the Jesus who only weeks before had been crucified. They had witnessed the resurrection but still doubted its reality and power. To the world outside they were eleven men who had followed what appeared to be an obscure man from some Jewish backwater and it had all come to nothing. How wrong could that world outside be?

Jesus was the spark, which at Pentecost, lit a fire; a fire that within a few years had spread across the Roman Empire and from there to all corners of the earth. Over two thousand years later it is still burning.  

Bearing that in mind, it seems that, in God’s hands, we can rise to any new challenge, in our own lives and that of His Church!

‘Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.’ 

[Isaiah 40:31]

All Things Pass

All things pass

A sunrise does not last all morning

All things pass

A cloudburst does not last all day

All things pass

Nor a sunset all night

All things pass

What always changes?



Wind… fire…lake…

These change

And if these do not last


Do man’s visions last?

Do man’s illusions?

Take things as they come

All things pass

Lao-Tzu 6th century BC

From translations by Timothy Leary

Church Building Re-opening

Following the Government announcement that church buildings may open, providing social distancing and protective arrangements could be put in place, Helen Keighley, our minister, consulted with members and the wider community to see what response there would be to such a proposal. 

The Church Deacons read the documents giving the necessary advice for the opening of church premises provided by the Government, the Congregational Federation and the Church insurance company and  followed this with  a meeting last Wednesday, in the sunshine, in Kay Johnson’s garden. We considered the advice and the responses and discussed the re-opening of the church building, the arrangements necessary and a potential timetable.

Over the past three months, it has been our aim to respond to the continuing needs of the church and the community in whatever ways were possible, subject to the lockdown restrictions. Most of the contact has been by means of telephone calls and online communication such as this newsletter. The church building has only been open for property checks and as the Hub distribution centre but closed to all other activities. 

As we begin to slowly emerge from the lockdown, we want to continue to address the physical, mental and spiritual needs and concerns in the village. To this end, we have proposed opening the church building for an hour each week for reflection and private prayer only, [i.e. no services yet]. The first opening will be on Friday, 10th July. further details will be provided in the next issue of the newsletter


I feel rather sorry for the government at the moment as every Tom, Dick and Harry are trying to give them advice and then criticising them if they take someone else’s.

On the other hand, take note:-

‘There are ways out of everything, apart from Birmingham’s one way system.’

[Jasper Carrott]

‘If you want people to think you’re wise, just agree with them.’

[Leo Rosten]

 ‘Never be afraid to try something new. Noah was an amateur; the Titanic was built by professionals!’

[James Prentice]

Rainbow Children

We have tried to keep you informed of the many activities our children in the village have been involved in during a very difficult and confusing time for them. We hope you have enjoyed their contributions displayed both on line and on the church railings! 

Over the last week or two, government plans have allowed a certain number of children to return to school. Quite a number of our local children have returned to Harden Primary School and Harden Pre-School, on a limited basis. The teaching staff at both, have faced big challenges to enable this to happen, at the same time as providing continuing schooling for all those who still must remain at home.

We would like to continue reporting on the children’s experiences at home, at least for the time being, until most can rejoin their teachers and friends at school. If you can let us know what you are getting up to, with or without photographs, that would be good. 

Please email Sheila or Kay at or 


Molly’s Harry Potter costume and magical treats

The Joys of Parenthood

To all you long-suffering, multi-tasking parents out there; here’s a little hint

‘The quickest way to get your child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable!’

Answers to Quotation Quiz

  1. Hour William Blake, poet 1757-1827
  2. Absence Salmon Rushdie, British Indian novelist winner of Booker Prize
  3. Least Lord Chesterfield, British statesman and diplomat
  4. United States Barak Obama, 44th President of the United States
  5. Equals Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister
  6. Explain Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister
  7. Cheap Dolly Parton, American Country Music singer
  8. Opinion Dean Inge, Professor at Cambridge and Dean at St. Paul’s 1911
  9. Begin Julia Lang, radio presenter of Listen with Mother in 1950s
  10. Cake Bob Hope, Anglo-American comedian
  11. World John le Carre, author of espionage novels
  12. Say Voltaire, French philosopher and advocate of free speech
  13. Dictatorship Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States
  14. Diamond Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress
  15. Problem G.K. Chesterton, writer and philosopher
  16. Romance Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress
  17. Mistake W.S.Gilbert, dramatist and author
  18. Enemy Spike Milligan comedian and poet
  19. Referee David Frost, journalist and TV presenter
  20. Hole McLandburgh Wilson, poet
  21. Dark clouds Vera Lynn, World War II singer who died last week.


Answers to Spelling Test

  1. Berserk two ‘r’ s
  2. Cemetery ‘e’ not ‘a’
  3. Committee two ‘m’ s
  4. Consensus ‘s’ not’ c’
  5. Diphtheria there are two ‘h’ s
  6. Embarrassment two ‘r’ sand 2 ‘s’ s
  7. Exorbitant no ‘h’
  8. Fuchsia ‘s’ in wrong place
  9. Fulfil only one ‘l’
  10. Hitchhiker two ‘h’ s
  11. Impostor ‘o’ not ‘e’
  12. Liaison extra ‘i’
  13. Liquefy ‘e’ not ‘i’
  14. No one no hyphen
  15. Quandary second ‘a’
  16. Supersede ‘s’ not ‘c’
  17. Separate ‘a’ not ‘e’
  18. Stupefied ‘e’ not ‘i’
  19. Spaghetti one ‘g’ and an ‘h’
  20. Mischievous no third ‘i’

All Creatures Great and Small Quiz

  1. Which species of dog was named after a scattered group of islands in the Adriatic?
  2. Match the country to its official animal mascot.

       Russia giraffe


Laos leopard

Rwanda rooster

Tanzania brown bear

  1. Penguins can be found in the Arctic true or false?
  2. Where can Monkey and Eel Pie islands be found?
  3. Which country is the most biodiverse i.e. the one with the largest number of different species?
  4. Fill in the missing animal species in each film title

? in the Mist

JoJo ?

Reservoir ?

Crouching ? Hidden Dragon

Dances with ?

  1. How long did it take the Owl and the Pussycat to sail to the land where the Bong tree grows?
  2. In the Gruffalo book which other inhabitants of the Forest does the mouse meet in addition to the Gruffalo?
  3. Which animal never sleeps?
  4. What is a group of giraffes known as?
  5. Which flightless bird is the emblem of New Zealand?
  6. Which is the only venomous snake native to the UK?
  7. Which insect transmits Bubonic Plague?
  8. What is studied by a lepidopterist?
  9. What sticky wax is obtained from a sheep?
  10. Which mammal sleeps on its back?
  11. What is the name of the deer’s family largest member?
  12. Which large marine mammals are sometimes known as sea cows?
  13. Which breed of dog is the most popular breed used globally today as guide dogs?
  14. In the TV series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, James Herriot was in partnership with two brothers; what was the first name of the younger one?

For the Ears Quiz

What links the following and where might you find them together?

Ear, Champagne, Shoe, Bermuda, Ear and Super.


I lift my eyes

to the quiet hills

in the press of a busy day;

as green hills stand

in a dusty land

so God is my strength and stay.

I lift my eyes

to the quiet hills

to a calm that is mine to share;

secure and still

in the Father’s will

and kept by the Father’s care.